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I’m Ellen Vroege an Advertising, Public Relations double major with a minor in Marketing at Drake University. I am involved in Greek life, Advertising Club and Drake Leadership Outdoors Club. My passions include but are not limited to sailing, skiing, traveling, and empowering women through leadership. A goal in my life is to visit all seven continents so far I’ve been able to visit four out of the seven. Not how realistic it is to visit Antarctica, but its till a dream of mine.

Regarding leadership not only have I been able to take on leadership role throughout my everyday life activities, but also in the bigger picture. I went on a mission trip to Naivasha Kenya to empower young women ranging from 5 to 20. The groups we focused working with were high schoolers and middle schoolers. This has been a life changing experience and I am saving up in order to return one day in the forcible future. The girl’s school I went to was called Light of Hope. Working with these passionate driven girls has given me a perspective I would have never had. It keeps me grounded and truly shakes the meaning of what it means to be happy! These girls have never once had the amenities and vast amounts of things as we do, but their smiles never fade. Not only Kenya, but in Thailand I worked with children who were illegal citizens from Burma or now known as Myanmar. Working with children from around the world is a blessing. I one of the most important lessons I took away is a kid is a kid. The most meaningful moment happen to occur in both countries, the children played a hand game I knew as a kid. I’m sure most people are familiar with it Obotinontiotin.

I hope to someday take my job aspirations and connect them with my passions of service and learning. Seeing firsthand the importance of showing, connecting and learning about other cultures.

A little more about me, I have two older brothers, two parents and two dogs. All sets of two and then there’s me! My brother is currently on his first month of 24 in Benin Africa. He is living there as a participant of the Peace Corps working at an orphanage and trying to stimulate economic growth. So you might see a trend in my family regarding Africa, traveling and getting out into the world and doing your passions.

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